Stop Being Negative!!!

Stop Being Negative!!!

 It’s easy to be a critic. It’s not hard to point to other professionals and say that their work isn’t first class. That you can do better. That music isn’t made as good as it used to be. That everyone uses Autotune or Beat Detective and bangs out hit songs that are cookie cutter and boring.

 Nothing special about this way of thinking except that it’s common in people that NEVER achieve their desired success. It doesn’t serve you. Creative and successfully creative people (as I’ve observed) do NOT waste time pointing out the flaws in others.

 In fact, other artists actually INSPIRE them to be better. Being around creative people, whether it be physically or just surrounding themselves in their music, makes them realize that they are part of the current music revolution. They’re NOT just watching it. They are making history too.

 See the greatness in other artists or their music. Even if you don’t love all of it, figure out why others do. There has to be something that connects people to the popular music of today. And successful people focus on greatness. In themselves and definitely in others.

 I hope this message finds you. Well… Kenny