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Reaper – Tips and Tricks

  1. Re-Mapping Midi Notes – Drum Pads in REAPER

  2. Advanced Automation – Actively Writing Envelopes Actions in REAPER

  3. Stop Playback at Stop Point (Pause) in REAPER

  4. FX Chains in REAPER

  5. Re-Name Plugins and Instances in REAPER

  6. Show in Track Controls in REAPER

  7. Midi Controlled – Plugin Control

  8. Midi Controlled – Transport Control in REAPER

  9. Midi Controlled – Control Surface in REAPER

  10. Reverse FX in REAPER

  11. Relative Grid & Snap Offset Editing in REAPER

  12. Drum Sound Replacement in REAPER

  13. Drum Sound Replacement in REAPER – Midi

  14. Save Preferences & Auto Save in REAPER

  15. Auto Wah & Dynamic Filtering FX in REAPER

  16. Vibrato FX in REAPER

  17. Metronome – Click Track in REAPER

  18. Panning FX and Auto Pan in REAPER

  19. Tremolo FX in REAPER

  20. Splitting Stereo Tracks to Mono or Combine Mono Tracks to Stereo in REAPER

  21. Logic X as a Sound Module in REAPER

  22. One Channel Side Mixer in REAPER

  23. Multi Channel Routing and Midi Tracks in REAPER

  24. Creating Headphone Mixes in REAPER

  25. Parameter Modulation in REAPER – Midi

  26. Multi Channel Recording Using One Track in REAPER

  27. Multi Channel Recording Using Multiple Tracks in REAPER

  28. Sub Projects in REAPER

  29. Using Trim Automation in REAPER – VCAs

  30. Replacing Sounds in REAPER

  31. Parameter Modulation in REAPER – Audio Control Signal

  32. Parameter Modulation in REAPER – LFO

  33. Parameter Modulation in REAPER – Link from FX Parameter

  34. Using the Docker in REAPER

  35. Customizing the Menus in REAPER

  36. Customizing the Toolbars in REAPER

  37. Removing Clicks & Pops in REAPER

  38. Using the Pan Modes in REAPER

  39. Using Pan Law in REAPER

  40. Using Delay in REAPER – Part I – Slapback Delay

  41. Using Delay in REAPER – Part II – Musical Delays

  42. Using Reverb in REAPER (ReaVerb) Part I – Drums

  43. Using Reverb in REAPER (ReaVerb) Part II – Vocals

  44. How to Trigger a Drum Sample in REAPER using ReaGate

  45. Ducking using Side-Chain Compression in REAPER (ReaComp)

  46. Using a Gate in REAPER (ReaGate)

  47. Creating a Side-Chain Gate in REAPER (ReaGate)

  48. Using a Multi-Band Compressor in REAPER (ReaXComp)

  49. Setting Up a Talkback Mic with REAPER

  50. A-B or Comparing Settings in REAPER

  51. Using Compression in REAPER (ReaComp)

  52. Using EQ in REAPER (ReaEQ)

  53. Default FX on New Tracks in REAPER

  54. Default FX Presets in REAPER

  55. Quickly Adding FX in REAPER – Smart Folders

  56. Drum Machine Style Recording in REAPER

  57. Matching a Midi Performance to a Click

  58. Removing Background Noise in REAPER (ReaFIR)

  59. Creating a Portable Install of REAPER

  60. Parallel Processing in REAPER

  61. Precise Levels using Automation

Reaper – Mouse Modifiers

  1. Mouse Modifiers

  2. Media Item – Mouse Modifiers

  3. Mouse Modifiers – Media Item Bottom Half, Edge, Fade, Stretch Markers

  4. Track – Mouse Modifiers

  5. Ruler – Mouse Modifiers

  6. Envelope Point – Mouse Modifiers

  7. Envelope Segment – Mouse Modifiers

  8. Midi Notes – Mouse Modifiers

  9. Midi Notes II – Mouse Modifiers

  10. Midi Ruler – Mouse Modifiers

  11. Midi Piano Roll – Mouse Modifiers

  12. Arrange View – Mouse Modifiers

Reaper – Features

  1. Using the Smart Tool in REAPER

  2. Rendering in REAPER – Creating a Master Mix

  3. Rendering in REAPER – Creating Stems

  4. Rendering in REAPER – Adjusting the Render Bounds

  5. Rendering in REAPER – Selected Media Items

  6. Rendering in REAPER – The Presets

  7. The Render Queue in REAPER

  8. The Batch File/Item Convertor in REAPER

Reaper – Preferences

  1. Mouse Preferences in REAPER

  2. Configuring Audio Device (Mac) and Channel mapping in REAPER

  3. Configuring the Track Defaults in REAPER

  4. Configuring Send & Hardware Output Defaults in REAPER

  5. Configuring Media Item Defaults in REAPER

  6. Configuring the Media Item Labels in REAPER

  7. Configuring the Media Item Buttons in REAPER

  8. Configuring Seeking Preferences in REAPER

  9. Importing & Exporting Configurations in REAPER

  10. Editing Behavior in REAPER – Moving the Edit Cursor

  11. Editing Behavior in REAPER – Linking Loop Point and Time Selection

  12. Editing Behavior in REAPER – Vertical and Horizontal Zoom Centers

  13. Editing Behavior in REAPER – Tab to Transient Sensitivity

  14. Editing Behavior in REAPER – Locked Items & Ripple Editing

  15. Editing Behavior in REAPER – Misc Preferences

Pro Tools –

  1. Clip Gain on Vocals

  2. Precise Levels using Automation

  3. Recording Levels in Pro Tools

  4. Track Presets in Pro Tools

  5. Promotional Intro – Mixing 101

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  1. Fred Sturman says:

    Video for the beginner. How to get Reaper to load .wav and other listed file types into Reaper for use inside Reaper. Manual not “clear” on how to do so from the very start.

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