Learn REAPER 5

  1. Introduction

  2. Starting a New Project

  3. The Tracks

  4. The Track Manager

  5. Recording Audio

  6. Basic Editing

  7. The Grid and Snapping

  8. Fades and Crossfades

  9. The Sends

  10. Plugins and FX

  11. Folders

  12. Track Grouping

  13. VCAs

  14. Track and Project Templates

  15. Locking

  16. Takes and Comping

  17. Item (Take) FX

  18. Item Grouping

  19. Markers and Regions

  20. Stretch Markers

  21. Ripple Editing

  22. Media Item Properties

  23. Envelopes and Automation

  24. Midi

  25. Media Explorer

  26. The Project Media/FX Bay

  27. Rendering

  28. Video

  29. Actions

  30. Themes & Layouts

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3 thoughts on “Learn REAPER

  1. Avior says:

    Hi Kenny,
    I’m working on boot leg and I added a MIDI drums to song.
    I need to make the drums to be “faster”like song how can I need to to it? Change the tempo or make more drums with smaller repetitions?


  2. Scott Hartley says:

    I imported a brass quintet midi file from finale into reaper. I play it in reaper with spitfire orchestral brass. In just the first trumpet part, for example, I am editing in midi editor/music notation window. The articulations that I apply from right clicking and adding staccato and accents do not seem to affect the playback. How do I make the articulations and dynamics render out so as to make a realistic sounding performance to save as mp3? Thanks, Scott

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