Episode 1 – Notes for the Mixer

Mix Notes From Hell
Mix Notes From Hell
Episode 1 - Notes for the Mixer


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Notes for the Mixer

We start off this episode by introducing ourselves and noting that Kenny doesn’t have a website (at the time) and giving him a hard time for it.

We move on to discussing “Mix Notes” and what’s the best way for engineers to communicate with their mixing engineer and vice versa to get the most out of this relationship.

The discussion moves towards “Mastering” and how important that is with a great mix and how much to squash it and how much to leave it til that stage.

Phil brings up the importance of having a mix sound good or translate on all systems.

Next we discuss chasing the rough or having to match elements of the rough mix that the client loved.

We move on to discussing how long it takes to mix and when you start to really “get it”.

The discussion moves on with Kenny describing his childhood and how he built a studio with no knowledge of how to do it.

Next we bring up the idea of Pro Tools rigs as a separate source of income and a Pro Tools operator or editor being a different job than a recording engineer.

We all then describe how we all moved from recording engineers on real consoles and tape machines to using DAWs as our main workstation.

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