Episode 21 – The Tutorial Makers

Mix Notes From Hell
Mix Notes From Hell
Episode 21 - The Tutorial Makers


Mix Notes From Hell 1400The Tutorial Makers

We’ve decided to go in a different direction for this episode and Kenny and Phil are joined for a few of the best tutorial makers around. Jon Tidey (REAPER Blog) – David Glenn Kulp (David Glenn Recording) and Matthew Weiss (The Pro Audio Files) Thanks for the support. Enjoy!


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Kenny Gioia – Kenny’s Website – Kenny’s Facebook

Phil Dubnick – Phil’s Website

Jon Tidey – Jon’s Website

David Glenn Kulp – David’s Website

Matthew Weiss – Matthew’s Website


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Kenny Gioia

2 thoughts on “Episode 21 – The Tutorial Makers

  1. Ivan Pesut says:

    Kenny killed it with that mouse thing…man, that was funny. But it does show what levels of dedication all of you guys put into your work. A great podcast, I’ll be sure to check your archives for more stuff like this : ) Thanks!

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