Episode 3 – Expensive Thrifty-ness – Cutting Corners – Studio Musicians

Mix Notes From Hell 1400Expensive Thrifty-ness Cutting Corners        Studio Musicians

We start off discussing expensive thrift-ness or cutting corners to save money and having it hurt you in the end. Will tells us a story of why you need a producer.

Kenny tells stories of working with great (studio) musicians and how important that is and how easy it is to record and produce records using them. Plus all the time it saves.

We then talk about how novices might not know how a great record sounds without being there to see it happen.

Will tells a story of how important pre-production is.

The discussion moves on to discussing different types of producers and how to make sure everyone gets their ideas heard and when to have patience in the studio and when to move it along.

We move on to discussing Mixing again and how we want our tracks to arrive from engineers.

Finally we discuss getting tracks with FX printed vs getting everything dry.


Kenny Gioia – Kenny’s Website – Kenny’s Facebook

Matt Hennessy – Matt’s Website

Will Kennedy – Will’s Website – Will’s Facebook

Marc Lacuesta – Marc’s Website

Richard Furch – Richard’s Website

Phil Dubnick – Phil’s Website

Kenny Gioia

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