Episode 4 – Recording Schools – To go, or not?

Mix Notes From Hell
Mix Notes From Hell
Episode 4 - Recording Schools - To go, or not?


Mix Notes From Hell 1400Recording Schools          To go, or not?

We start by mentioning we have a Facebook page and group. Please sign up.

We then start talking about recording schools with Matt talking about how import mentoring and internships are.

Will talks about having less studios with less upward mobility.

Kenny brings up the inflated curriculums of recording schools to appeal to students or parents to entice enrollment.

We then bring up Berklee and the famous Berklee “bell” that becomes a staple of this episode.

Kenny discusses the importance of you vs. your gear.

We then discuss our studios and whether they are personal or open to the pubic.

Somewhere in the middle we begin our unpaid advertisement for Berklee School of Music. LOL.

We then talk about how to get from being an assistant or a runner into becoming a recording engineer.

Kenny brings up the importance of being able to get clients by putting yourself in a scene and bring artists to recording studios so you can learn how to produce by making those recordings with the studio. Creating a position in the process.


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