Episode 5 – Mixer’s Job – Create the Vision or Take Direction

Mix Notes From Hell
Mix Notes From Hell
Episode 5 - Mixer’s Job - Create the Vision or Take Direction


Mix Notes From Hell 1400Mixer’s Job                 Create the Vision              or Take Direction

We start by reading a listener’s comment:

“This whole obsession with you guys having to match what is on the radio to me means you have bought in to this arbitrary standard that usually sounds worse. Why not set the parameters and standards for what is actually good? Because people under 21 only listen to stuff in a crappy format that sounds like shit, why not nudge them in another direction instead of accepting what sounds bad?”

Matt explains that this is a service business and that we can only do what the client wants. Our job is to make a great mix that the client is looking for.

We discuss the days where taste makers decided what music should sound like. As opposed to today where it’s about creating what the listener wants. The fans create the demand.

Next we talk about smashing masters again and where in the process this should take place and whether it should or not.

Phil then fights with everyone over the idea that people can hear a 1 dB difference.

Kenny then brings it back to content. Smashed or not. People like loud music but it’s still about the song.

We then say ByE!!!!


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