Episode 7 – Risk Management – Great Music vs. Getting Paid

Mix Notes From Hell 1400Risk Management       Great Music vs. Getting Paid

We start by reading a question involving the balance of dealing with choosing the music we work with based on budget vs. how good the music is and what are the repercussions of each.

Kenny brings up how hard it is to build a career recording music that just isn’t very good. Even if the money is there.

We then talk about how much to charge and the positives and negatives that go with being expensive vs. being the “budget guy”.

Matt brings up “vanity” projects that never seem to end. And cost you more in the long run.

Kenny brings up the idea that if you’re stuck in a rut of recording bad music, you can’t expect to keep moving forward.

Kenny talks about production costs and being able to charge a flat fee vs. a day rate.

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