Episode 8 – Spec Mixes – Working for Free

Mix Notes From Hell
Mix Notes From Hell
Episode 8 - Spec Mixes - Working for Free


Mix Notes From Hell 1400Spec Mixes or Working for Free

We start by bringing up the idea of doing spec mixes or spec anything and what that means.

Marc talks about not doing alot of these because he was taught early on to always be paid for doing gigs.

Matt goes on to talk about working at a studio where he couldn’t do spec work. Later on when he got his own studio, he was able to start getting spec work where he takes a piece of the artist.

Kenny goes on to describe shootouts by major labels and the issues with them.

Richard joins us from his German submarine and points out how politics become a bigger issue with shootouts more so than the actual mix.

Marc talks about how to adjust his invoices to allow discounts for clients.

Matt goes on to discuss contracts for spec work.

Kenny discusses a few more horror stories.

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