Episode 9 – Producing vs. Songwriting – Turning in Masters

Mix Notes From Hell 1400Producing vs. Songwriting Turning in Masters

We start by taking a reader’s question regarding producing a record and going over to the side of songwriting and how to deal with the discussion of taking that credit and figuring out splits.

Kenny talks about splitting everything equally when doing songwriting sessions.

Will brings up the Wrecking Crew movie http://www.wreckingcrewfilm.com and how session players can sometimes write parts that could be considered songwriting.

Richard brings up how musicians are hired to come up with parts as well and how to deal with that.

Matt explains that in general, this is work for hire.

Will brings up the concept of bands sharing songwriting even when it’s not the way the writing happens. For the sake and success of the band.

Matt brings up the importance of pre-production and that’s the time to be writing.

We then shift gears and discuss handing in Masters to labels and artists and whether or not to share your settings and plugins.

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