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Hi. I’m Kenny Gioia. I’ve used loops in my productions for more than 20 years. I love them. They inspire me to write and build songs and productions around them.

After beating all of my current loop libraries into the ground, I decided I needed something new. Something fresh. I couldn’t find anything available so I decided to create my own. While these were created for me, I’ve decided to make them available to you.

The loops were inspired by the smash pop singles of today. Mostly from Billboard’s Top 200. I tried my best to capture the feel, syncopation and tempos of today’s modern grooves while keeping the sound quality at a level consistent with my rigid standards.

These loops were created for REX compatible software so they will bend and shape themselves into your productions at your tempos while not losing any of the audio fidelity or groove that most
time-stretching will impart. If, on the other hand, you don’t own any REX compatible software, I have provided WAV files for your convenience.

Each loop contains 4 variations. Normal, Crushed, Gated, & Filtered. All meant to inspire you with little to no extra manipulation required.

All loops were recorded in Stereo and are 24bit.


400 Original REX2 or WAV Files
Based on modern grooves & tempos
Perfect for Reason, Pro Tools,
Cubase, Live, Fruity Loops etc.
Designed to Inspire track creation
Use them in your own Productions
Completely 100% Royalty Free
24 bit Stereo files

File Type

WAV Files, REX2 Files, Both


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