Find a Mentor!!!

Find a Mentor!!!

I can’t stress enough how important it is to watch a professional work in their given field. Either with you watching and asking questions or even if you just observe while not speaking at all.

People who love to learn will absorb information in this way like Osmosis. Which is the process of gradual or unconscious assimilation of ideas or knowledge while standing very close to the work actually being done.

Quick story – Very recently I was painting my house. And while I had painted the exterior of a house before (once) it wasn’t something that I really had great knowledge of. So I hired a painter to help me do the job faster. What I absorbed in just 2 days of working with this guy was more than I could have learned painting by myself in years. How to work with a ladder, painting techniques, where to start and end and even the proper way of cleaning off brushes. I have spent years teaching this stuff to myself and learned so much more by watching an actual professional do it.

Obviously, this applies to Writing, Recording and Producing records just as much. If not more. There is a mystery that swirls around what we do. But when you watch someone who really knows what they’re doing, you will pick this up so much quicker. So much of this is confidence in knowing that you know what you’re doing. And when you observe others do it and how they do it, it makes it all come together 10X faster than working by yourself. Being self taught.

Now I’m not saying that video tutorials and books have no effect. Of course they do. But having a person in the room with you will tie it together on a completely different level. Even if it’s just for a short time.

So go out there and find yourself a Mentor. Good luck. Kenny

Kenny Gioia

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