Rendering in REAPER – Creating a Master Mix

One thought on “Rendering in REAPER – Creating a Master Mix

  1. Martin Weeks says:

    Hi Kenny,
    These videos you make are wonderful. Alas though my learning curve is a bit steep as I’m already very used to another DAW that functions more like a traditional harware mix console with assigned Send and Aux busses and so on. (that stuff still confuses me so relearning the “Reaper” way is a bit of a battle for me.)
    As I posted to the other DAW’s forum, both softwares are great but in different ways. The other one comes with a lot of preloaded and very good synth’s and loops, but apparently are not all transferable So I’m attempting to use that one for essential setting up of track parameters and basic mixing then finish projects in Reaper. An example of this would be “side chain compression” which I like to use for controlling effects I use a lot for vocals. (compress reverb and/or delay while singing then open up the effects tail when silence) The other DAW just does not do this. I can get around this of course with automation, but that is way to time consuming in the other DAW when I can set it up quickly in Reaper and move on to other mixing details in other tracks.

    The other matter is the ReWire thing which is totally new to me and at the moment very confusing. In the other DAW it’s been explained that they function as the master only and the other DAW’s would be the slave. (according to them I would record and mix in Reaper, then finish in their software which as I said above won’t work for me with certain parameters I wish to use.

    Do you have videos (or maybe you can create on?) that explains a bit better how to best use ReWire in Reaper with the other DAW? I’m not plugging or spamming here but it may help you if I give you specifics. The other DAW is called “Mixcraft 7” made by Acoustica. and I’m currently using Windows 7 for OS on a Dell Laptop with 4gigs of ram.

    The other reason I wish to use Reaper for the more advanced stuff is that while MC has a ton of nice features and preloaded stuff to make things go faster they are a CPU hog, and more often than I like I will be setting up really nice mixes only to have the software freeze up and lose hours of detailed work. This does NOT happen in Reaper (yay!) hence the wish to use Reaper as Master and MC as slave. Don’t know if this is helpful for you but often when I load MC the Reaper ReWire shows up automatically in the mix console as a “Send” Track” and Reaper starts up automatically. Haven’t a clue why but tried it yesterday just to see how things work. Recorded the tracks (already set up) to reaper. It recorded the audio but did not keep the settings like volume automation or effects. So…???? 🙂

    Advice and simple to understand suggestions would be greatly appreciated. I have a ton of projects going and am tired of losing time from MC crashes. Thanks sir I do appreciate the way you teach in these videos.

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